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Reception gown

Princess Ann gives a formal reception in Rome, wearing a floor-length evening gown with small train. Its restrictive design provides a visual metaphor for the Princess’s life- the dress looks uncomfortable and hard to move in (although Audrey is her usual graceful self in it)!

Making an entrance:

The bodice of the dress has a wide collared off-the-shoulder neckline.

The waistline is shaped up to a point at the centre front, and is lower at the back. Audrey also wears a royal sash across the bodice, and an ornament/brooch which is presumably meant to be some kind of royal “order”.

Personally I think the two bows on the collar are just too much:

The back from a distance- yards and yards and yards of skirts!

As Audrey tries to reclaim a satin pump she’s kicked off, we see the petticoats that give the dress structure (assuming that this is not a shot that has been carefully created without using the actual dress!).

The back in close up- and a nice view of the fabric which appears to be a kind of silk damask. Note also Audrey’s coronet of plaits, into which her tiara is secured, and the elegant necklace back. Oh, and  there’s a zipper in the dress at the centre back:

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  1. July 24, 2010 10:12 pm

    I do notice that the two bows are actually attached to hanging jeweled orders. They were just trying to look authentic, even today European royals will have multiple orders adorning their clothes and sashes that don’t improve their outfits and sometimes even clash.

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