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One day in Rome

Audrey spends most of the film in her white shirt and skirt that she wore to escape the palace. Careful styling of this basic outfit is employed as she spends the day enjoying Rome to transform her into a cool, relaxed girl about town.

A quick reminder: this is Audrey’s character at the beginning of the day, standing on Gregory Peck’s roof terrace after waking up in his apartment:

The first thing she loses is her high heeled pumps- she buys a pair of strappy sandals from a conveniently placed shoe vendor:

The next thing to go is the hair! Thinking about it… (Love those sketches in the window!)

Taking the plunge:

The actual cutting is finished….

But it’s the pinning back of Audrey’s hair in tiny curls that completes the transformation (and has the makeup changed slightly too?):

Ah, and now the sleeves are rolled up!

Eating an ice cream on the Spanish Steps. And now, the collar has been unbuttoned!

Champagne in a pavement cafe:

At some point Audrey acquires a silk neckerchief (unless I’ve missed something or a scene was cut, it’s not clear how she comes by this!):

The end of the day- dancing on the river. Sleeves rolled up as high as they’ll go, and neckerchief worn over the shirt collar:

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