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The Mint Green Suit and Cardigan

Hepburn spends a lot of the film in her role as secretary wearing this outfit, consisting of a mint green skirt and jacket, with a white shell. Later, an oversize white cardigan gets thrown over it.

Our first glimpse of Hepburn in the film:

Back view of the jacket, and of the inverted pleat in the centre back of the skirt:

The white shell:

Does the shell fasten at the shoulder?:

The cardigan:

Looks like it’s knitted in a simple lace pattern, with garter stitch collar and cuffs. Some kind of blue piping/trim runs down the front neck to the button band. The shape is fairly boxy.

Cardigan back:

Close-up of the neck and collar:

Audrey uses the oversized cardigan to good effect:

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