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Not a butterfly but a bird of paradise

Audrey’s character Jo steps out onto the catwalk to showcase couturier Paul Duval’s latest collection, transformed from scruffy bookstore intellectual into what is one of the most severely chic “high fashion” looks of the film.

“We open the cocoon but it is not a butterfly that emerges.” “It’s not?” “No, it is a bird of paradise.”

The tight satin sheath “wiggle” dress (I presume it’s a dress, but we never see the top half) appears to have a seam running down the centre front. Matching satin court shoes and gloves which reach above the elbow:

The white satin dress appears to have a floating panel at the back (a lot of the dresses in this film feature a floating back panel-obviously this was a hot trend):

Audrey wears full make-up and wears a diadem of what could be diamonds, rhinestones or crystals:

The pink overblouse is cut high at the front to reveal the waist. From the back it cascade from waist height to drop to a floor length “train”. It appears to be a stiff silk- maybe a taffeta?

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