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Maggie Prescott’s Office

Kay Thompson plays the hard-nosed editor of “Quality” magazine Maggie Prescott. Although Givenchy provided Hepburn’s Paris outfits in the film, Edith Head took care of the rest of the costumes. The wardrobe she cooked up for Maggie Prescott is stylish, strong, tailored and mostly greys, blacks and neutrals. She also wears a lot of sailor collars.

In the pic below she’s lamenting the latest yet-to-be-released issue of Quality magazine is the worst in 60 years: “I will have failed the great American woman. The great American woman who stands out there naked waiting for me to tell her what to wear. It doesn’t speak…. A magazine must be like a human being. If it comes into the home it must contribute, it just can’t lie around. A magazine must have blood and brains and pizazz…”

I can’t help but covet her workspace. Glass of freshly sharpened perfect pointed pencils- check. Glass jars of what could be buttons or sweets- check. Elegant Louis style chair, and velvet cushions for lounging on during that 3pm mental slump- check.

Posse of colour-coordinated assistants/sycophants. Enormous cupboard full of fabric inspiration for playing with. Check, check.

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