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Don’t stop the world…

October 12, 2011

They said to travel hopefully was better than to arrive, and Violet agreed 100%. She’d been on the number 1 tram all day, cruising round and round the Ringstrasse until she began to feel delightfully dizzy. She adored Vienna- there was the Opera House again, and the Imperial Palace, and – whee!- the splendid Parliament building.

And all the other people on the tram- the woman with her children, the old man with his shopping- were they travelling hopefully, moving boldly forward, full of curiosity about the future? No, most of them just looked like they just wanted to arrive. And arrive yesterday.

Well, that wasn’t right, somehow- not when everything was just so beautiful and so simply splendid. Perhaps she’d just stand up and treat them to a rousing song- and she was sure they’d all just love to join her in the chorus…

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