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September 26, 2011

Sandra remained perfectly still in an attitude of prayer: hands demurely clasped, eyes closed (well, almost) in devotion.

Of course she knew that her seat- right in the front pew, dead centre- was acknowledged by everyone to be Charlotte Smythe’s. And she knew that the entire congregation of St. Bridget’s were just gasping to see what would happen next.

Well, Charlotte could stand there glaring as long as she liked. She could stand there, hands on hips, lips pursed, and no doubt thinking all kinds of unholy thoughts. But Sandra wouldn’t be budging. Not this time. Charlotte had been the undisputed queen of Jonasville society for too long, and it was high time her place (both physically and metaphorically) was usurped. Starting right here, today.

“Amen,” intoned Sandra sweetly, and listened to Charlotte’s footsteps receding back up the aisle…

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  1. lindyhopper permalink
    September 27, 2011 5:50 pm

    I knew as soon as I saw the picture that you were going to write something comical. Very funny. I wonder if the pattern companies ever looked at the pictures and thought “This looks rather odd”!

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