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In Denial…

September 13, 2011

When people told Betsy she was in denial, she just smiled and asked innocently “isn’t that a place in Egypt?”

Well, maybe she WAS in denial, but at least she knew exactly what she was denying. She denied winter- and autumn too. Friends might extoll the new season’s fashions, and mock her for wearing strapless dresses in October, but she would not be swayed. She failed to see how anyone could get excited about sweaters, or raincoats, or grey flannel trousers. To do so meant accepting the end of summer, and summer was very far from over. No, summer would last till November at the very least.

But the shops were clearly in league with winter, for they’d been full of winter propaganda- woollens and tweeds and such- since July. Betsy shook her head, and, as a gesture of defiance, took off her jacket. Yes, someone had to take a stand against that kind of insanity…

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