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The artist and her model…

July 22, 2011

“Well, it’s an Impressionist piece, sir, a little in the style of Claude Monet, but with just a smidgen of jolly old Picasso. Why, yes, it IS done in lipstick- how clever of you to notice!

You know, I could tell you were an art lover the moment I leaped out and grabbed your sleeve and begged you to stop. In fact, I said to Rita here, didn’t I Rita? I said, there’s a Real Conoisseur. I call it Woman in a Green Dress, for reasons which I know you’ll have guessed straightaway. Why, yes, this IS my model- there’s no flies on you, are there, sir? Rita has the loveliest profile- don’t you agree? Thank the nice gentleman, Rita. I had such a time capturing the perfection of that profile. You think I’ve done a super job? That’s too, too, kind of you, sir.

You know, it would break my heart to part with this piece, but seeing as you’re so keen on it, and such an art lover and everything, it’s yours. Shall we say a hundred pounds. No? Ninety five? Wait up a moment, sir… sir….”


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  1. July 24, 2011 2:15 pm

    the 50’s look is my life
    Christian Dior really pushed for the smaller waist line
    love this picture

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