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Boudoir to ballroom…

June 1, 2011

“Don’t look now, Milly, but there’s a man over there gawping.”

“I expect he’s admiring our graceful ruffles, Julia.”

“Either that or wondering why we’re standing at a bus stop in our nightwear.”

“I expect he’s not familiar with the concept of underwear as outerwear. Of nightdress becoming day dress. Boudoir becoming Street. People just don’t get it. You know, Julia, sometimes I think we’re just ahead of our time.”

“You’re so right, Milly. About fifty years ahead, I’d say…”

Those who are not sweet-toothed might want to avert their eyes from the sacharine nature of this pattern. (Even the pattern description mentions “bows” three times, and “ruffling” no less than four times.)

But I think this is the perfect example of a design meant for the boudoir that today could make it into a ballroom. Imagine it not as a nightie, but as an elegant evening dress. Imagine it made up in black, or a plain dark silk- a navy, a deep burgundy, or an emerald green? And perhaps with just ever so slightly less ruffling and bows and whistles and bells. (Although how about a bias cut strip of raw-edged chiffon or georgette for the sleeve ruffling? Raw edges for a rawer, edgier look? Hmmm.)

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