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“A la rencontre des beaux jours…”

April 3, 2011

Ah, those days when you wake up and somehow the light is stronger, the air smells sweeter, and all the birds have come back from their hols and are telling all the other birds about it and comparing holiday snaps.

You get all squint-eyed from sunshine overload. Your begin quivering in ecstasy at the thought of your arms being exposed to the sunlight. At the notion that you might not be able to sleep without wearing socks.

And then of course you go to your closet, and everything is too sombre, too heavy, too warm-making. Too downright depressing. Black? How could you ever have worn the colour?! That overcoat you’ve worn like a security blanket all winter? Just not interested. And those hand-knit wool socks are beautiful, but they’re going STRAIGHT into plastic bags and then the freezer to protect them from moths.

Luckily all your Spring/Summer clothes have been unpacked and waiting since February when there was that day the temperature made it above 5 degrees. So that’s alright. But today, for the first time, you think you might be able to wear them, and that finally, perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time to put the winter clothes away…

The images in this post are from a 1963 copy of L’Officiel de la Mode, and the photoshoot title is “A la rencontre des beaux jours”, which I think translates as something (very loosely) along the lines of  “Welcome back, beautiful days!” or perhaps “Sunny days are here again”. Even though it very much looks like its about to rain in the photos. I think they capture that over-optimistic dressing for Spring when the weather hasn’t quite caught up… (Ah, isn’t there something wonderful about the idea of April in Paris, and warm rain in the Tuilleries like something out of a Pissarro painting….)

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