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Diamonds are forever…?

March 23, 2011

The Boldini brothers had a problem: how to smuggle the legendary Medici diamonds out of Italy? There was only one way they could agree on, and they weren’t even entirely happy with that. It would mean subcontracting, which they hated, and it would mean calling in a favour…

Madeleine Browne glided through Florence airport, trailing porters in her wake. Her fellow passengers admired her chic little veil, kid gloves, and matching Hermes clutch and shoes. Airport security touched their hats and smiled, and Giuseppe didn’t even wolf whistle as she went past, and Luigi managed to restrain himself from asking for her number. They simply parted before her, and she sailed past with diamonds dripping from her ears and neck, and pinned to her exquisite jacket.

She was due to meet the Boldini brothers in London in three hours. But, on the whole, she rather thought she wouldn’t. She thought she might just be the tiniest bit naughty, and hang onto the delicious diamonds for a bit. After all, London was so drab this time of year. Now, where was the departure board. Reykjavik, Abu Dhabi, Rio. Ah, Rio…

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