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The sincerest form of flattery…

January 10, 2011


“Sweet of you, darling, though of course, you’re not the first to admire my new little robe de soir. When my good friend Audrey saw it she absolutely begged to try it on. ”The neckline!” she cried. “it’s so elegant! The clean lines! The black!'”

Well, I didn’t let her, naturally. You remember my ecru tulle cocktail? When she tried that on it was all “oh, it fits perfectly- it could have been made for me!” And of course, darling, in the end I had to give it to her- there’s something so undignified about a grown woman on her knees, isn’t there?

Still, I’m not falling for that again. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she gets that couturier of hers to knock her up a copy. Isn’t it sad when people aren’t original? And then she’ll wear it on screen, and then everyone will be wearing one. Really, sometimes I wonder why I bother- it’s so difficult being a style innovator. So, darling, remember you saw it here first…”

With apologies to Ms. Hepburn. I hope she wouldn’t have minded a little tongue in cheek and fictional table-turning…

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