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Rainbow bright

December 16, 2010

You can say what you like about the fashion of the early 1970s (and people frequently do) but it could never be accused of not being colourful…

On a grey, grey December day (which is what it is here), what’s more energizing than a jolt of colour? Wouldn’t it be great to see someone dressed like this moving through the grey/black crowds of Christmas shoppers, spreading a little joy and pixie dust as they pass. Because isn’t that what colour does? It invigorates. It warms you head to toe. Especially if it’s a nylon quilted jumpsuit. (No, I’m not so sure about the nylon bit either.)

All that bright candy colour means you’re unlikely to get lost in the snow; that rescue helicopter is always going to find you. Below, a case of X marks the spot?

In 2011 I’m predicting a fashion shift toward the clean lines of late 60s Mod and the leaner longer lines of the 70s. But hopefully not the manmade fibers. And- fingers crossed- a bit of colour will make it into the mix…

Apologies for sporadic posting in the run up to Christmas. A “thank you” is also long overdue to Piroska for awarding me a One Lovely Blog Award- I’m honoured :)

Photos all from L’Officiel de la Mode magazine, 1969-1971.

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  1. December 20, 2010 12:04 am

    I have to admit, I rather fancy the colourful checked fabric, though perhaps not in a matching suit…The flowered snow-suit is horrendous though. My aunt always says that colour is very third world, in that if you look at African or South American countries, they traditionally wear wonderful brightly coloured garments, but the richer people get, the more they like beige and black and navy. Boring!

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