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Lara’s theme…

November 26, 2010

She was never the same twice, thought Francois, setting down the tray on the pavement table. Every day it seemed she cast herself as a new character in her own private film. Depending on her mood, she was icons he’d seen in films, characters from books, great women from history. She truly wore her heart on her sleeve, and he was totally and utterly intrigued.

Today, he saw, was a sad day.

Today, fragile in her fur scarf and hat, and with her beautiful tragic eyes, he recognized she was Lara straight out of Dr Zhivago. So today was a day of heartbreak? Perhaps today, then- perhaps this was the day he should declare himself? But then he’d thought that every day since he’d first seen her, and so far he had not. He placed the coffee in front of her and tenderly re-arranged the sugar bowl. Not today, but some day, my love, he thought. Some day, there will be songs to sing…

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