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Everlasting love

June 25, 2010

The best time to pick the day’s flowers was in the morning, before the sun had climbed over the thatched gable of the cottage roof. July was a always a hot and busy month for a florist; it was a month of weddings, after all. Armed with wicker trug and widebrimmed hat, Annabel set out up the garden path. She wove among the beds and borders in her cool, easy frock, amid the hum of waking insects. Today there was a bridal bouquet to pick, and it always took a while to find just the right flowers. Forget-me-nots for constancy… Yes, they had to be just right. Especially today! White carnations for luck…. They would match her dress, the simple ivory number hanging up back at the cottage. There would be time to change later, but what else? Annabel smiled and reached out. Yes, myrtle. Myrtle for everlasting love…

New patterns are up. I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, whether you’re attending at wedding (as a guest or even as the bride or groom!), attempting to stay chilled in the heat (or heated in the chill if you’re the other side of the world) have a lovely time :)

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