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Come back to Sorrento

June 17, 2010

(Warning if you’re at work- links in italic text lead to music!)

Whenever people asked where her favourite restaurant in the world was ever, Elizabeth would smile. And then she’d tell them about Il Buco in Sorrento.
She’d explain how Il Buco was Italian for ‘the hole’, and that was exactly where the restaurant was, nestled in a passageway that connected two of the old town’s streets. She’d talk about the huge stone arch dripping with ferns and creepers that shaded its tables.
What she did not say was that she had not been
back to Sorrento for 20 years. That she had only been there once, but she hoped and believed the restaurant was still there. She remembered it all- that evening at Il Buco had been the first time she’d worn her favourite red silk dress. She remembered her first ever taste of fragolino, the sweet sparkling Italian wine that tasted of strawberries. The hazel eyes of the waiter who’d brought it. And dancing to the sound of the sea beneath the sweet Sorrento moon….

This pattern, newly uploaded to the store!, is not a particularly technically complex one. (But I think the illustration is very charming nonetheless…) What is interesting about this “British made Precision pattern” though is the statement in the instructions that “as a result of the present conditions” (presumably the aftermath of the Second World War?) McCalls could not supply their usual printed patterns. But McCalls had been making patterns with all those nice printed cutting lines for decades, unlike the other pattern companies.  Eek! Luckily this pattern contains a little insert explaining to alarmed sewers how to cope with such an unprinted pattern, and what the heck all the perforations and holes in the pieces mean. Keep calm, and carry on sewing…

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