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Who goes where?

May 26, 2010

With summer holidays hopefully not (too) far off, I thought it’d be fun to put together this quick “personality” quiz! It’s inspired by spending a little weekend time in the sunshine with my April 1963 Vogue magazine. You see, one of the most interesting articles has the scoop on which couturier goes where for their summer holidays. (And I’ve used quotes from Vogue as the results, but the questions are mine.) So, without further ado, which Vogue couturier are you when it comes to holidays?

Question 1. Your ideal holiday destination is….

a) Absolutely anywhere as long as you’re staying with friends or family. Especially if they happen to own a villa or a yacht.

b) Somewhere exotic and about as far removed from your own environment as you can find. You like your horizons to be broooooadened……

c) Far from the madding crowd. The living has to be easy, and that means peace, quiet and no fuss.

d) Bursting with culture, and overflowing with more art galleries and museums than you can shake a stick at.

2. On holiday, your activity of choice is….

a) Partying, naturally!

b) Soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching from a pavement café with a glass of the local brew.

c) Rolling up your trousers and foraging for dinner in the rockpools.

d) Hopping in the car with a map, a camera, and a list of sights as long as your arm.

3. On holiday, you’re most likely to say….

a) “Anyone for tennis?”

b) Something with a dreadful accent in a language you’ve never spoken before.

c) Not very much at all, you’re so incredibly chilled.

d) “If we turn left here there’s the most amazing 13th century fortress….and then we could catch a museum in town where they have the most incredible spear collection…and then…”

And now for the results! Did you answer mostly A, B, C or D?

If you answered mostly As…. you holiday like Hardy Amies:

“Hardy Amies used to be a Venice boy, still is if he can stay with friends. He likes the tennis and all the dressing up for parties in the evenings, though he finds the people on the Lido beach get older and older each year. But in a world where elegance is declining, there’s still more in Venice than any other resort he knows…”

Mostly Bs, and John Cavanagh is your holiday doppelganger:

“John Cavanagh has been to Morocco for the past two years. He goes there to clear his mind, to drink in the place, the colours and the marvelous skies. Fez, above all, has a feeling of changelessness… He loves wandering through the walled narrow streets of the city to absorb the noises, the life, the calls to prayer, the minarets against the skyline; and in the evening to stroll half a mile outside the town and sit on a bench on the mountainside, and gaze and gaze on the city below.”

Mostly Cs? Take a leaf out of the book of Marc Bohan, creative director at Christian Dior:

“Marc Bohan  of Christian Dior spends summers in succession on the Ile de Re: “A wild little island in the Atlantic, opposite La Rochelle, covered with flowers, pine woods and tamarisk trees. Here I lead a simple, healthy life, quite removed from the clamour of the town, staying with friends who have a villa on the beach. With my daughter Marie-Anne I go off on bicycle expeditions or fishing or boating or gathering shellfish.”

Mostly Ds and perhaps you should take Victor Stiebel along for the ride:

“Victor Stiebel says that architecture is the main draw for him abroad. He likes to go to Lake Garda in the north of Italy, then take a car and visit the beautiful Palladian villas around Vicenza and Verona. Nearly all of them are empty and neglected now; a few are used as farmhouses or barns. But their decay seems to add to their enchantment; he loves the crumbling facades and the curved ruined staircases… Another favourite place is Bavaria in Southern Germany, where he can drive round the rococo churches and monasteries….”

I’m definitely a C :) (And can personally back up Bohan- the Ile de Re is dreamy.) Which are you, and are you off anywhere this summer?

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  1. May 28, 2010 12:41 am

    I’m so much a D, museums and medieval churches are my thing! Unfortunately it’s winter here, so no sun and fun, but I can dream…

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