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Not St. Barts…

May 18, 2010

The plan had been for a romantic vacation in St Barts, and Sandra had sewn up a whole new wardrobe of frocks in Caribbean brights. But romance was off the menu now, and the UK airline strike was in its second week. So Sandra took herself and her Caribbean brights on the train down to Cornwall. Hell, she’d never much cared for long haul flights and being too hot anyway. Why fly all the way across the world, when a train ride would take her to the sea? There weren’t many palm trees in Cornwall, but there were rocky coves to explore, and fish suppers, and some seriously cute surfers….

I’m just back from a few days away myself. Not in St Barts, but down in sunny Devon for Hettie’s 18th birthday party! Happy Birthday, Hettie! (Some of you may remember Hettie and the bridesmaid’s dress that we made a couple of years ago.)

And in a burst of post-break energy, yup, there’s new patterns up in the store!

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