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Too few to mention…

May 6, 2010

Regret had never figured highly in Maisie’s general scheme of things. Ditching the fiancee who expected her to be there waiting when he got home from work with his slippers. Getting herself sacked from that dead-end typing job by “accidentally” spilling coffee over the boss who looked down her blouse. Those had not been easy times. But they’d also been part of the serendipitous events that had brought her here. Right here to this moment, standing backstage in her best dress at the Adelphi theatre.
She heard them call her name. It was time. It was her time, she could feel it. You only get one shot, Maisie, she reminded herself as she walked on stage, make it count! There was a dark expanse of empty rows of seats, and somewhere out there the Director and Producer were sitting towards the back. She nodded at the accompanist, and the first piano chords rang out. And then the only thing left to do was open her mouth and close her eyes and sing. “Rien, je ne regrette rien…”

Isn’t this a cute pattern, with its little puff sleeves with frill detail, and what it calls a “slimming corselette skirt”? It’s from a magazine I’ve never heard of before, Mabs Fashions, but I rather like the chatty conversation style of the text on the pattern envelope: “cream and brown check material… would be a very smart choice”. (Wouldn’t it be great if all pattern envelopes were less businesslike and more chatty? Not in an annoying marketing-speak chatty way, but in a helpful and friendly way. Perhaps they could also include a helpline number to call for moral support when the going gets tough- a kind of Sewing Samaritan service?)

This one is now up in the store. By the way, I’m sorry things have been quiet lately- both in the store and on the blog- we had no internet access here AT ALL for a few days last week, so I’m a little behind on just about everything. How much I take the internet for granted, and how much I miss it when it’s taken away! But (slightly ironically) I did get a little sewing done while our internet connection was cut off. Less time web-surfing= more time stitching :) But more on that later….

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