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Not by Strauss

April 2, 2010

The orchestra were playing a waltz. Again. Madeleine sighed. She’d never been able to endure Strauss since…. Well, since Vienna. And there was Jack Samuels coming across the floor with that purposeful look on his face- he was going to ask her to dance with him. Again. “Jack, I’ll only dance with you on one condition- if you get the orchestra to play some Count Basie.” There! She supposed that was what they called a no-lose situation…..

…The ball was over, and Madeleine let Jack help her on with her evening coatee. Would she allow him to escort her safely home? Madeleine thought hard for a moment. She looked up at Jack. He was funny, he was a surprisingly good dancer, and there was something heroic about his eyes that she found rather stirring. She tested her heart gently and was surprised to find it was not quite so broken as it had been. Well, who’d have thought it. Perhaps it was time to take a chance….

There’s a reason today’s story has two halves- because, you see, these two patterns go together. Yes, really. You can just see on the evening gown pattern envelope below that a pattern is recommended for the matching “coatee”! (The actual pattern number given is for the coatee relates a different size but the same style. Practical Fashions gave different pattern numbers for different sizes of the same design, so the coatee pattern in three different sizes is pattern numbers 1762, 17633 and 17644, if that makes sense. Whew.)

Not only do these two patterns go together, but they’re still sealed shut, witch in a bottle style!  I’ve been hoarding them for a while now, but since I can’t bring myself to open them (and really don’t fancy that much grading) they’re up for sale in the store

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  1. April 2, 2010 4:06 pm

    Ohh…love the pattern! How fantastic to find the matching coatee!

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