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How Not To Model, 60s style: Part II

April 1, 2010

It was allegedly comedian W. C. Fields who coined the line “Never work with children or animals.”  Following on from yesterday’s post about modelling pitfalls to avoid in the 1960s, here are a few more “Never work withs” aimed at models.

1. Never work with whimsical imaginary creatures that will be photoshopped in later (especially if they get paid more than you do):

2. Never work with props you don’t understand and don’t know how to interact with. Perhaps it’s a musical instrument you can’t play and can only lean on:

Or perhaps it’s a piece of sculpture you’re extremely suspicious of:

3. Never work with stupidly oversized props. That includes beach balls bigger than your own torso:

Wait, make that beach balls bigger than yourself, full stop:

4. Never work with trees. Many have tried. And failed.

Yes, it seemed like such a good idea at the time, didn’t it?

But there’s only so much scope in the old “leaning up against the tree trunk” routine.

Or the old “toying coyly with foliage” routine:

You may wish to ask your agent to insert a “doesn’t work with imaginary creature, trees and suspect or ridiculously big props” clause in your modelling contracts. Remember, ladies, if your photographer or stylish demands any of the above, the answer is simple: Just say No.

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