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Trench-ant observations

March 25, 2010
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When a stroll down the street turns into your own personal sauna, when you feel like you’ve been boiled alive by the time you arrive anywhere you know it’s definitely time to put your winter coat away. And mine is headed rapidly for hibernation. But there’s a problem- I don’t actually own a Spring/Summer coat. Correction- I don’t actually own a Spring/Summer coat I’m prepared to wear in public.

Last year I bought a high street brand spring trench coat which is a constant source of humiliation whenever I put it on. I could list its design and quality defects on several hands of fingers (if I had them). It was a desperate buy because I couldn’t find anything else. The fabric is dreadful and too stiff. The design is well-meaning but badly constructed, and let’s not even talk about the fit. It emerged from the cupboard today and I realised that wearing it out would mean me shambling along shamefully with rounded shoulders and head down.

Trench coat eye candy – screenshot of Burberry’s Art of the Trench website:

So, although it’s starting to seem like all I do is talk about sewing but don’t actually do any, surprise! Work started today on the Spring/Summer trench. I’m telling you all this in the hope that now I’ll feel the pressure to actually progress with it. In fact I’d love it if you asked the occasional pointed question like “how’s the coat coming on?” And “IS IT FINISHED YET!?”

More coat inspiration this time from Norwegian Rain (but sadly they only do menswear):

I’m a big fan of the trench coat. (I have a black wool version for winter, and had a beige cotton one that I literally wore to death a few years ago). But I’m starting to realise that if you’re quite a conservative dresser (and I’m afraid I am, mostly, although I prefer the term “classic”) a traditional beige trench can (unless you wear something consciously “edgy” underneath) look a little “I’m off to the office” corporate. So I’ll be taking some trench styling details and making a much more casual coat in a linen. Less structured, and a tiny bit more Japanese/Comme des Garcons in styling- rumpled but with clean lines. I like the waist seam of Toast’s Tokyo raincoat below- that funnel neck is less formal looking than lapels:

My mission is not to buy ANY new fabric (because economy is our watchword here!). I can’t really find a commercial pattern that is what I want, so I’ll be mashing up various patterns and tweaking and draping as I go. That’s the plan. Which could mean utter disaster, but we’ll see, we’ll see :)

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  1. March 25, 2010 4:52 pm

    Oh wow, I love that blue Toast trench on the bottom. So inspiring!

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