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Pick a letter, any letter…

March 18, 2010

Uproar at the House of Dior- Mr. Dior had called for his Scrabble bag! Belinda ran up to the atelier to fetch the designer’s little velvet pouch. How tiny the little wooden letter tiles were, but how important! Last time round he’d pulled out an “H”. And opinion on the H Line had been mixed. But what what on earth would it be this season? Perhaps she should just fish out all the Os. And Qs. Yes, all the rotund letters had to go. Mr. Dior never had to know, and women everywhere would thank her for it…

I hope Mr. Dior wouldn’t have minded a little gentle teasing about his various “lines”. (And I know the Press probably played a part in labelling his various silhouettes  the H line, the A line, the S line, and just about any letter you care to pull out of that Scrabble bag.)

This pattern is now up in the store, along with a couple of others. I’m actually away for a few days (so my next pattern posting day in Monday) but catch you again next week!

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