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At the sign of the first crocus….

February 23, 2010

Snowdrops and primroses galore are bursting out all over here. And at the weekend there was that new kind of light that had everyone out and about, walking with their faces upturned to the sunshine.
Could it be Spring?

Hurrah! This is just the flimsy kind of excuse I need to send me scurrying to the closet to dig my warm weather clothes out of storage.
All despite the fact that its snowing here again today, which I’ll try to ignore.

And I’ve been doing a little swotting up for Spring…

….with a little background reading, like this Pantone report on what colours will be everywhere for Spring/Summer 2010 (and then spotting how many retailers have based their entire collections on this intelligence…). Fusion Coral? Mmpf. Amparo Blue? Mmmmmmmm….

….casting an eye over the Spring fashion report in the Ottawa Citizen from March 1949. Particularly the article from which this blog post title and line drawings come. It’s by Jean Spadea of the Spadea pattern company and tells you that “when it’s spring today and winter tomorrow, the one way of beating the weather man at his own game is to think of those first tender leaves and tight little buds….and bridge the clothes gap with inexpensive touches that forecast sunshine, blossoms and easter bunnies….” Whatever the decade, Spring always seems to herald that “ooh, new clothes!” enthusiasm….

…thinking about tucking a flower in my lapel, but then wondering whether one of these would be nicer…

….being inspired by all the new spring collections online, and then wondering how to make them myself…

…and then splashing out on these in blue (let’s call it preliminary research) and now wondering why, given that I never wear heels and they are not “me” in the slightest. What was I thinking!? I expect they’ll go straight back. Must be a touch of Spring madness???

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  1. Nathalie permalink
    March 2, 2010 6:16 pm

    Oooh, those shoes are gorgeous! I really fancy a pair for myself now.

    • glassoffashion permalink
      March 2, 2010 8:54 pm

      Mine have gone back to that nice Mr. Amazon now (sobs). They were gorgeous (and well made) but I just couldn’t justify keeping them! The blue ones were a kind of suede-y leather which I just knew wouldn’t stand up to anything like, er, walking. (I think the white ones may be non-suede-y). There little coloured bugs are actually embroidered into the leather :) Of course it helped to part with them because they were TOO SMALL. If you do take the plunge, a word of warning on sizing- I ordered an 8, and when my size 8s arrived the box said they were a European 41. (I’m pretty sure an 8 is a 42? But I should have looked at Amazon’s size charts- they think it’s a 41). So it might be worth checking their sizing charts to make sure you order a big enough size…

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