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Vogue vigilantes

January 15, 2010

“Why, hello Julia, how are….”
“Sssshhhh! Can’t you see I’m undercover and going incognito?”
“Oh. You mean the veil?”
“Yes, in this incredibly cunning disguise I’ll be the most glamourous vigilante the city of Gotham has ever seen. My mission is to fight injustice and crime wherever I find it. To protect the innocent and persecute the guilty. So if you could pretend you don’t know me…”
“Right you are- I’ll just be moving along then.”
“Yes, I think that’s best, don’t you?”…

Among my favourite favourite vintage patterns are these kind of glamorous dress designs issued by Vogue in the late 1940s. I think it’s that sophisticated touch of film noir style that appeals, as well as the way they employ all kinds of interesting draping, gathering and seam details to strategic effect. But this one I’ve just listed in my Etsy store (please note that the envelope is not in the best condition, but the pattern pieces look as if they’ve never been used). A few others are up too, including this other 1940s number….

Apparently all the hip kids were doing it- wearing their curling papers out and about. Lucy had even matched hers to her new frock. It may have been the very latest hair craze, but Ruthie just didn’t get it. However, she couldn’t help noticing that flower delivery vans seemed to turn up at Lucy’s house on a regular basis, and that Lucy was always swanning about clutching bouquets from admirers. Ruthie wondered if perhaps it was time to jump on the bandwagon…

Happy pattern Friday :)

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