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Southern belle

December 2, 2009

No one would have guessed that Scarlet’s teeth were firmly gritted behind that winsome smile. After all, wasn’t she quite the belle of the ball in her lovely new frock? The tributes had poured in- she was the most graceful, the best dancer, the most lovely. Everyone had said so.

Everyone but Bobby Butler, that is. Scarlet seethed. Dimly she heard Mrs Grigsby introducing her to Major Fairchild, the guest of honour, and she dropped an elegant curtsey. Major Fairchild had a red nose and a weak chin. Bobby’s nose was perfect and he had the strongest chin she’d ever seen. She allowed the Major to sweep her onto the dancefloor, and predictably all eyes in the room turned as they passed. Scarlet tilted her lovely face down in modest deprecation. But inwardly she was boiling. Her attempts to interest Bobby in conversation has been rebuffed. What had he said when she’d told him about the new pony she’d been given for her birthday? Yes, that was it: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Well, really.

Many apologies for the sporadic posting as we inch nearer to Christmas- sometimes it’s hard to find the time to squeeze in a blog post… But at least there are new patterns up in the store! (As ever, click on each pattern for the listing…)

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