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A moral yarn

November 17, 2009
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Today a plump and juicy cardboard box arrived, all the way from across the ocean. Inside:

Nine skeins of the Fibre Company’s yarn “Terra” in Blue Spruce.

I couldn’t help it. I plunged my hands in and squeezed, and then inhaled all the merino-y/alpacay/silky goodness.

I realise your heart either beats significantly faster or it doesn’t at the sight of yarn pics, but bear with me, because I have a lesson I’d like to to share…

A couple of years back, I bought one skein of this exact yarn. It languished in my stash all lonely for a long time, while I wondered if I could afford a sweater’s worth more of it. A year ago, almost to the day, I finally gave up on the sweater dream and knit up that skein into these fingerless mitts. Well, lately I’ve been wearing those mitts a lot. And I find myself stroking them absentmindedly and gazing at them. Sometimes I get distracted by the glorious green fingered glow as I type. My love for this yarn has proved itself, I thought. It’s appeal has stood the test of time. Why not give it the love it deserves and commit to that sweater’s worth?

And that’s when I discovered this colourway has been discontinued. Discontinued! There’s nothing like feeling something slipping from you to make you tighten your grasp. I emailed the only online store I could find that had any listed in stock, Flying Fingers in the US. Elise, who owns Flying Fingers, patiently masterminded my ordering of their final nine skeins of Blue Spruce. And, much sooner than I’d expected, it’s here, all beautifully packaged up in tissue. (Thanks Elise, and Dillon!)

Of course, I don’t have a particular pattern in mind yet for this yet. But I’ve learned my lesson- if the yarn (or the fabric, or whatever the opportunity may be) calls, answer. And answer soon. Or before you know it, it’ll be DISCONTINUED. (And then you’ll be sorry.)

While I was on Flying Fingers’ website I ran across something that made my day. A yarn bus:

If the yarn should ever call when you’re in New York, hop on the Flying Fingers yarn bus, which will give you a free ride to their store in Tarrytown and back on weekends. (More details here.)

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  1. November 22, 2009 10:53 am

    I’m so relieved for you! That’s such pretty yarn, well done you for snapping it up : )

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