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A gaggle of goddesses

September 30, 2009

Every era has their goddesses. The ancient Greeks had Aphrodite and Pallas Athena; the Romans had their Venus and Minerva. In the 20th century goddesses tired of immortality. They headed over to Hollywood instead where they were still worshipped as idols. And as that century drew to a close, a new gaggle of goddesses was born into being, thanks to the magic of Vogue patterns. Miss E. Smith of 5 Acacia Lane, Brighton, for example, looks every inch a goddess in her Bellville Sassoon designed gown. (Although she’s still working on whipping up fiery tempests and turning men into pigs)…

If I’d had this pattern in my clutches when I was designing my own wedding dress last year, I’d definitely have used it to goddess-ify myself. It’s more or less just what I was looking for: a pleated, Grecian, Grès style gown. (Although I might have tweaked the waist sash a bit and lost the stole…)

In a valiant effort to counteract that midweek slump, I’ve just listed some new patterns (including the one above) in my Etsy store. Hurrah! As always, click on an image for the listing:

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  1. September 30, 2009 1:39 pm

    That McCall’s pattern! Oh my, can that “wrapped in a bag” look ever have flattered anyone? Even in a very sheer lace over your nice sheath….you’re still going to just look like you’re in a very sheer lace BAG.

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