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A geometry problem

August 11, 2009

It was a darn shame, Sophie reflected, as she hung up her hat and coat. The new Mathematics professor had seemed so promising; tall, handsome, ex-Olympic skier. They’d gone for drinks and everything seemed to be going so well. Sure, so he’d been a little distracted and twitchy, but these academic types could be like that, right? But when she’d come back from the ladies’ room she’d caught him doodling lines on a napkin and muttering stuff like “angle A bisects the cosine of B at point F.” It was when he’d asked if he could get his protractor out that she’d made a dignified exit. Turned out he was only interested in one thing. Her angles…

New patterns are up in the Etsy store, including this one. I’ve never seen anything quite like those seams before. Even the pocket and the bust dart are worked into those diagonals! If you’re interested in buying this particular pattern, please note that there is ONE PIECE MISSING. It’s the long sleeve piece (the short one is present). I generally don’t like selling patterns that aren’t complete (I’m always terrified someone is somehow going to miss my text in caps that a piece is missing and be really disappointed) but this one is just too interesting to sit on. I think it puts the “special” in Vogue Special Design!

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  1. Charlotte permalink
    September 3, 2009 3:28 pm

    Love the story- as ever- it made me chuckle!

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