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A tale of two timelines

July 28, 2009

Today I thought I’d share a couple of fascinating reference tools/distractions from doing any work whatsoever that I stumbled across this week.

First up, an amazing interactive timeline of couture houses and designers from  the website of the V&A museum’s ‘Golden Age of Couture’ 2007/8 exhibit. (Click on the “View interactive timeline” link on the exhibit site to launch it.) Choose a designer from the list and use the arrows to move along the timeline and browse various facts. Click on pictures of actual garments to open up a new window with more details and a larger image:

Second, a timeline of fabric history from Threads in Tyme. Which is basically everything you could possibly want to know about fabric history but were afraid to ask. For example, did you know that when Montezuma conquered the Mayans in the 15th century it is estimated that 11 Mayan cities paid a yearly tribute of 2000 decorated cotton blankets and 40 bags of Cochineal dye each? Or that in 236 BC Fabric dyers in Egypt are described as “smelling of fish, with tired eyes and hands working unceasingly” according to an Egyptian papyrus?

You do now :)

(images are my screenshots of the V&A’s interactive timeline)

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  1. homelyheroine permalink
    July 28, 2009 6:51 pm

    Ohh, will check that V&A timeline out. The Bath Costume Museum website has a fun quiz on fashion history, but not as interesting as this.

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