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A collar to be reckoned with

July 22, 2009

It had taken all morning to choose the right outfit.
The mint green shirtdress was far too casual, even with heels. The burgundy suit was trim enough, but it made her feel all wrong. And her lilac sheath – horrors! – had what looked like a red wine stain on the hip. But what was that at the back of the closet? Of course- The Dress! She should have just picked it out to begin with really. Yes, that was the dress she’d face the adjudicating panel in. It had that collar to be reckoned with, and those push-up sleeves with their sharp winged cuffs that said she meant business. It was a powerful dress for a strong, confident woman, and that was the woman she needed to be…

A few new patterns are in the Etsy store- hurrah! Thanks so much to those of you who told me that you like the pattern ‘stories’- I’m glad you like them! I do actually try and write little pieces for most of the patterns that go up in my store (apart from when we’re clean out of coffee here) but only some stories make it onto the blog. So for more pattern stories you know where to look :)

I’ve also started to sort through my fabric hoard and have listed a 4 yard plus piece of amazingly vibrant fabric. (I love the colour combination, but I’m resigned to the fact that I can’t pull it off so it’s time to let it go.) More fabric may follow over the next few weeks…

(Oh, one more thing. Because formatting a blog post takes time, there can be a bit of a time delay between me listing patterns for sale in the store and mentioning them on the blog. What I do as soon as I’ve uploaded a new batch of goodies for sale is send out a quick email to everyone who’s signed up to receive notice of updates.  If you’d be interested in receiving email alerts that new patterns have been listed, fill in the contact form on this page and I’ll add you to the list.)

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