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The cooling power of stripes

July 2, 2009

Does anyone else’s brain feel like it’s melting in the heat? The weather, here in Oxford at least, has tipped this week from being newsworthily sunny into downright unbearable. I’m sitting here typing in a pressure-cooker of a flat with a tiny fan redistributing hot air around me. I can think of no alternative but to think Stripes.

Why not ice-cream? Fjords? Polar bears? Why not glaciers sweeping majestically down the Alps? Because that would be denial. I am ultimately pleased that summer is here and I’m certainly not in a hurry for winter to come back any time soon. My brain craves beach cool, the cheery breeziness of the seaside. And almost everything at the seaside seems to be stripey. Whether it’s the faded awning of a beach cafe, a jolly beach towel, or a stick of rock like the one below, there’s nothing so soothing to the summer spirit than a good dose of stripes.

photo copyright: Damon Hart-Davis

And deckchairs. Definitely deckchairs. Which brings me deftly onto a company that does stripes in spades. Deckchair Stripes carry a beautiful selection of striped fabrics in a deckchair canvas weight and an interior dec weight (some of which are in the screenshot at the top of this post). I like “wakeboarding” below:

They also sell ready made items from their stripes, such as this gorgeous tent:

And you must, must, check out their customer photos of what people have done with their fabric. Especially these burlesque outfits.

British stripes=deckchairs, French stripes=espadrilles! Check out the beautiful fabric and readymade goods at Maison Artiga, a France-based store. (But mute your computer if you’re at work.) I would be snapping up a pair of their Ballerines espadrilles if I could choose between them (which would YOU choose?) and if I thought they would fit. (Shoe shopping when you’re a size 42 sucks. But at least it’s, er, inexpensive…)

Or I suppose I could whip out some stripey fabric from my stash and knock up something like these:

But that sounds like too far much work in this heat. On the whole I think I might settle for making an iced coffee instead…

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  1. Rebecca permalink
    July 2, 2009 11:46 am

    Oof. The grass is always greener: in Maine we’ve been having a record-setting damp and cool stretch–and that’s saying something!

  2. glassoffashion permalink
    July 3, 2009 8:44 am

    Rebecca, I was going to offer than we do a half-swap and I send a little heat your way in return for a little cool! But then I woke up today to grey sky and rain. So perhaps that means you already have your sunshine back again? :)

  3. Lindyhopper permalink
    July 17, 2009 5:03 pm

    That reminds me! Must get out my stripey fabric and mend the garden chairs!

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