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Gelato al limon

May 28, 2009



The coastal resort of Castiglia Marino was just beginning to buzz for the summer season. And the buzz in Luigi’s bar was all about the beautiful English signorina. Speculation ran rife. At morning espresso time it was agreed she was surely the daughter of minor European royalty.
That very afternoon Carlo looked up and saw a vision gliding towards him down the seaside promenade. A cool vision of striped loveliness. He would never forget the lilting words that had tripped off the Signorina’s tongue.
“Un gelato al limon, per favore.”
He realised dimly as he handed her the little cup of ice cream that she was trying to hand him some coins.
“No, signorina! No, no!”
He expressed with a sweeping gesture that there was no need for money to sully the perfection of their encounter.
“Grazie!” What a radiant smile!
“Prego, Signorina.” He’d sighed as she walked on toward the horizon and into the shimmer of heat haze.
By evening it had been decided at Luigi’s that she was a starlet over from Hollywood on vacation away from the paparazzi. Carlo sat nursing a campari and listened and pondered. Would a small sign with “Ice-Cream Vendor to the Stars” over his kiosk be too much?

Happy Pattern Thursday- a couple of vintage patterns are up in the Etsy store

For me, this 1948 pattern by Vogue is the perfect smart/casual summer dress, by which I mean you can dress it up or down. Wear it to a summer wedding with the matching jacket, or wear it to stroll along a beach on the Italian riviera eating gelato. I adore the striped version on the right, but if I’d been going to make up this pattern, I’d probably have made it in a plain fabric. I’d have used some boning in the bodice so the dress could be worn strapless. Then I’d have used a striped fabric for the shoulder straps and made them button-on detachable. Perhaps I’d even have made the straps out of some contrast grosgrain ribbon I have stashed…. [briefly considers keeping the pattern all for herself- but then takes herself sternly in hand…]
(Welcome to fantasy dressmaking 101! Much cheaper than actual dressmaking and half the effort…)

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  1. Charlotte permalink
    May 29, 2009 8:57 am

    Ooh, I love your pattern back stories :)

  2. May 29, 2009 7:48 pm

    I really like the little dramas you make up for each of these patterns, it gives the clothes such life.

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