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Too tulle for words

May 8, 2009

Remember this little ensemble from c.1913 which I (somewhat unkindly) mocked here? (The more I look at this picture the more my brain thinks it sees a couple of rather risque flashes of bare flesh rather than what I assume are a couple of random light coloured swathes of fabric at thigh level. But I digress…)

The other day I came across this image below in Harper’s Bazaar and my brain was jolted. My synapses positively tingled, in fact:

Harper’s Bazaar from 1938 that is. From 1938! But how modern and edgy the black tulle looks! (I’m blithely stating it’s black. But I’ve just realised that it’s a black and white photo- ah…) All those flounces of tulle in any other colour? Hard to pull off. Black? Brilliant!

Then there’s this ensemble from Harper’s Bazaar from 1939:


I think I prefer the 1938 number- the overskirt in the 1939 dress is a layer too much for me. Both dresses are coincidentally by Chanel, pioneer of the “Little Black Dress”. I’m struck by how similar, and how modern looking, all three dresses are. Proof that some dresses are truly timeless.

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  1. May 16, 2009 9:54 am

    The last two dresses are much more elegant. This is a gorgeous blog!

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