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Faster, shinier, stronger, and patterns for sale!

April 14, 2009

Breaking news: I’m having a spring clean of my vintage sewing patterns. Looking through my collection the other day I realised that I have some that, because they’re the wrong size or shape for me, I’m just never going to use. It’s hard to part with my preciouses (rubs hands together and capers about in Gollum-esque manner) but I firmly believe vintage patterns should be enjoyed rather than just kept in a box. So I’ve set up a new Etsy store and they’re up waiting to be claimed and given a good home. (I’ll add more when I get the chance.) I’d like to offer all of you a 10% discount until 30th April 2009 as a thank you for being, well, lovely readers :) Etsy can’t apply the discount automatically- when you check out, mention my blog and the title of this particular post and wait for me to send you an invoice for the discounted amount.

Patterns for sale include the early 1920s frock at the top of this post by McCalls. This little dress has a gathered and shirred skirt front, belt and choice of two sleeves- both long, one gathered, one straight. The neckline can be either square or V tied with a bow and funnily enough the gathers at the high bust are a trend I’m spotting in the shops for this season. It’s sized for a 34″ bust. Also up for grabs is the late 1940s Vogue pattern below, with its unusual shoulder detail, softly pleated skirt front and button bodice front. And it’s a 38″ bust.

Also, I’m sorry about the blog silence, due partly to a lovely week’s Easter break visiting lovely family and partly due to the very unlovely demise of my computer. After years of faithful service my old Apple G4 Powerbook has been reincarnated… into a new aluminium Macbook. The new one is quicksilver sleek and fleet of foot processor, but I kinda miss the old one. But now I’m back. And I can blog again. Faster, shinier, stronger :)

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  1. February 11, 2012 10:39 pm

    I totally love your designs. I am totally fascinated with vintage clothing of the 20′ to the 40′.

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