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Words of wisdom

March 25, 2009

“Keep Calm and Carry On”. It was a slogan that saw Britain through World War II, exhorted stoically on posters everywhere. Now, according to the Guardian newspaper, that slogan, in its original poster form,  has been springing up all over the UK, from pubs to offices to Parliament. Despite sounding like the title of a 60s comedy starring Sid James, possibly the logic is that what saw us through the second World War will see us through the current “uncertain times” aka economic recession. Keep calm? Carry on? Luckily Matt Jones has come up with a more inspiring creed and designed a poster that should appeal to crafters, knitters and stitchers everywhere:

Yes! Matt’s put the image up on Flickr and is generously allowing people to use it on mugs, T-shirts, posters and whatnot. (For personal use, that is, not for profit.)

I’m not usually a big slogan T-shirt wearer, as I generally feel a little self-conscious as a walking billboard, but I do quite fancy a T-shirt with this design on. Matt’s made the image available to a UK based store called Howies, and they have a men’s and a ladies’ version in organic cotton:

Howies is a UK based site, but they’ve offered on their blog to post just this particular T-shirt on its own overseas for a flat £5.  I may have to nail my colours to the mast…

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