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January 22, 2009
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Photo: BNPS

Have any of you heard of yarnbombing? Thanks to Lindyhopper for tipping me off  via email about this new craze. Apparently hundreds of knitters around the world have begun brightening up trees, street signs and lampposts etc with giant knitted items. The craze is originally thought to be the brainchild of Magda Sayeg from Texas, whose crack gang of guerilla knitters are responsible for the knitted bus at the top of this post. (Check out her website, Knitta Please, to see more of their work and video footage of them chatting about their works.)

Seems that yarnbombing is starting to make headlines- yesterday’s Telegraph newspaper ran an article on the new trend (find it here):

Quite often dozens of balls of coloured wool are used to make huge sleeves or cosies which are then stitched onto a fixed object, sometimes done under the cover of darkness.
Artist Sarah Hardacre, 31, from Salford, Manchester, has taken up Yarnbombing in her spare time.
She said: “Yarnbombing is all about using the street for making art.
“I have knitted cosies for trees and even covered an entire garden shed in knitted squares before – it certainly put smiles on peoples faces.
“It is about the community taking pride in their surroundings and making it look nice and colourful.”


This sets me thinking about my own city, Oxford. Now it doesn’t need a huge amount of improvement, but it also has a fair few monuments that would be interesting showcases for a bit of knitted art. Here’s Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre, guarded by the heads of 13 roman emperors atop pillars:

The emperors have been looking a bit cold lateley, so how about this:

And I’d love to see what Magda Sayeg and an army of guerilla knitters would be able to do with Oxford’s most famous landmark, the Radcliffe Camera:

The mind boggles :)

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  1. ktbb permalink
    January 26, 2009 9:22 pm

    Hooray! This is wonderful — I’m in Oxford, myself, and I’d be happy to join a group of guerilla knitters to cover up the Sheldonian emperors!

  2. lindyhopper permalink
    January 28, 2009 8:44 am

    The bus looks fantastic, but what happens when it rains!!! Would only work in a hot climate, so I don’t think we’ll try it in my muddy village! The hats and scarves look great, each one could have the colours of a different college! Happy knitting.

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