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Fluttering and dancing in the breeze

January 6, 2009

It was definitely a knitted Christmas this year.

One yarn (‘Eva’ by Posh Yarn, a 55% silk 45% cashmere 2-ply lace weight) in two beautiful colourways (Prima Donna, a spicy dusky rose, and Bon Bon, a variegated lilac and pink mix) yielded two insouciant little scarflets for fluttering around the necks of Auntie Sue and Mum.

Bon Bon (at the top of this post) was knitted using a stitch pattern called Dayflower. This stitch pattern can be found in Barbara G. Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns but I actually used Cheryl Fuller’s helpful chart, which can be found over at her blog Jung at Heart. (This is not a stitch pattern for the fainthearted, as the 14 rows are nigh impossible to memorize. When I started out progress was slow; I had to thread a lifeline of thread through all the stitches after each pattern repeat which I could rip the knitting back to when I made mistakes.)

This was the scarf recipe I cooked up:

Dayflower pattern is worked over 17 stitches plus 2 stitches.

Cast on 72 stitches (4 pattern repeats plus 2 stitches, plus another 2 stitches for the border).

Work the first row in garter stitch (ie. knit all stitches), slipping the last stitch purlwise.
Then work the centre 70 stitches in the Dayflower pattern, using Cheryl’s chart. Knit the first stitch of every row and slip the last stitch in every row purlwise. (I like my scarf edges not to be straight lines, so this slipped stitch at each edge allows the natural curves and scallops of the scarf sides and ends to really come out.) Continue until scarf is the desired length or you run out of yarn!

Work the last row in garter stitch (ie. knit all stitches), slipping the last stitch purlwise. Cast off.

My finished scarf was about 9” by 45” after blocking.

Prima Donna below was knitted using Knitting Pixie’s Luscious Lace scarf pattern which is available free on Ravelry here. (You’ll need to register for Ravelry and log in- which is free and opens up a whole new knitting world of patterns and people and yarns.) This was a much easier knit (and my first attempt at lace knitting):

More knitted presents tomorrow!

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  1. January 6, 2009 5:07 pm

    That’s beautiful!

  2. January 7, 2009 5:10 pm

    Lovely, intricate, impressive lace work! Gorgeous colours too, I bet the receipients were very happy. I like the goldfish scales wrist warmers too, nice combination of yarn and pattern.

    The Heartfelt book is lovely, I really just got it because I was dying to knit haven, but there are a few other things in there I like too.

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