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My International Fabric Stash: Japan

September 1, 2008

The latest addition to my fabric stash. Posted on 29th August in Japan, arrived at my door in the UK on 1st September. How is it even possible for it to have arrived that quickly?

It’s a lovely 100% cotton doubleknit in a heathered grey marl, with a fair amount of stretch across the width and a little in the length. There are tiny little branches (or are they trees? or fern fronds?) woven in all over the fabric in a natural colour:

The natural colour thread is woven in from a separate layer of fabric. (I’ve never seen a doubleknit before and I’m fascinated.) Essentially two layers of fabric share and are joined together by the branches/trees/fronds:

The fabric comes from Linnet, a small Japanese shop based in Kyoto which offers online shopping. The link will take you to the English version of their beautifully photographed site. They specialise in linens, and I’m already eyeing up a lot of fabrics for next summer. (Well, you’ve got to think ahead…) Wow, looks like the grey colourway of the doubleknit has sold out in less than a week. But they do still have it in beige.

The unwrapping experience was a joy. Look, sample swatches! And a cute postcard! I wish I could read what’s written in the pamphlet:

What is this destined to become? Probably a fairly simple top, to let the fabric “speak”. Perhaps with the reverse of the fabric visible somehow at the neck, hem and sleeves.

I realise the amount of posts about fabric acquisitions are now starting to outweigh the posts about turning fabric into stuff. I’ll have to see if I can do something about that.

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