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January 21, 2008

Remember my mysterious French pattern catalogue from 1941? I found another, also optimistically titled Perfection, but this time for summer 1937. Isn’t this a gorgeous front cover?


It becomes more apparent in this particular catalogue (I think my other 1941 one may have a page or so missing) that Editions Bell were indeed a pattern company based at 25, Avenue de l’Opera, Paris (although Google doesn’t turn up much on them). Perfection was one of selection of catalogues with names like Prestige and Inspirations that they offered, promoting patterns for menswear, hats, coats etc. They offer to send you a pattern of “impeccable cut” drafted to your measurements within 48 hours.

This particular catalogue smells very strongly of gauloises. I love to imagine a terribly elegant lady reading it, perhaps sitting in a cafe with a small verre de vin, narrowing her eyes through a haze of blue cigarette smoke at delicious frivolities like these:


(Of course she’d go for the orange number at the back. I know I certainly would.)

Update: I’ve made this available an instant PDF for download in my Etsy store

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